Corporate Video Production


Videos have a powerful effect over our minds and emotions. They can make us feel or react in a certain way and corporate video is no different. Whether you need a promotional video, sales, or training and safety video, Moffett Productions exceeds in corporate video production. We are a professional group that consists of a team of highly skilled experts. We provide your business with a powerful representation of your brand that can generate the results you demand. We can help you plan, film, edit, and format your next corporate video so that your message reaches your target audience.


Training & Safety Videos


Are your training and safety videos a blast from the past? It can be hard for new employees to take your training video seriously if they can only focus on the actors bell-bottom jeans in the video. Or maybe you are tired of hearing the same old video every time you hire someone new? Whatever the reason may be, Moffett Productions can help you create an informational training video that is effective and educational. We are a video production company that is committed to learning your unique procedures and relaying that information to your employees in a motivational way.

Sales/Promotional Videos


Product videos are a great way for businesses to gain visibility online, in search engines, and in social media. A promotional video will engage the viewer on a level that photos and words cannot compete. Located in Houston TX, Moffett Productions specializes in marketing video production for challenging topics in order to increase your product and brand awareness, conversions, and ultimately your sales. Your promotional video is specifically designed to target your product or service area and highlight your business in an effective way.

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