– Moffett Productions opened their doors with amazing studios to offer their clients.
– Fred Smith (FedEX founder) makes a special trip to see why Moffett Productions needs a FedEx machine and a pick up every night. Once he saw our busy operation, he installed a dedicated machine and made us one of the last pickups on the way to the airport.
– Moffett Productions was handpicked by Garth Brooks to be the official producer of all his Radio/TV concert spots.
– Moffett Productions started to move in the direction of producing audio and video in house.
– We Installed ISDN lines to send audio tracks to other studios the same day. This was before the days of email & MP3’s.
– Moffett makes the move from Analog tape machines to Digital with the purchase of 5 OTARI RADAR (Random Access Digital Audio Recorder) removable hard drive systems. Bill became so proficient on the machine he was asked to be a “live testimonial” at the NAB in Vegas and showcase his talents within the OTARI Booth.

– We became the Houston Digital Generated Systems (DGS) beta test facility for delivering audio to TV/Radio stations across the country. DGS is now known as DG fast Channel and is one of the largest distribution services in the United States.
– Moffett expanded their facilities to a total of 10,000 sq. ft. including a 2500 sq. ft. sound stage with a hot grid that is full of lighting and grip materials, craft services, make-up area, and drive-in access for easy loading.
– We were chosen to host the nationally syndicated show “Rockline” live from the Moffett sound stage featuring Van Halen. It even had a live studio audience!
– Moffett was named the official Radio/TV producer of the NHRA 50th Anniversary Tour. Bill was presented with a “Wally” due the success of the 50th Anniversary Tour.
– Mitsubishi Motors Corporation retained Moffett Productions to write and produce the training DVDs for their United States sales force.
– Gillman Automotive retains Moffett Productions to not only produce the campaign for all markets, but handle all of the creative ideas as well.
– We built a “live room” for recording bands and remodeled the WGW studio with pro-tools.

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