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Sony F-800

The Sony PDW-F800 XDCAM HD422 Camcorder gives professionals the durability and reliability they need to get the job done right. This video production camera has the ability to capture high definition video with manageable bit rates all without compromising quality. The XDCAM series allows videographers to flawlessly move between filming and post-production with less logging time, capturing, and digitizing your footage. This will ultimately increase your efficiency and shorten your production time for a higher profit margin.

For fast and slow motion effects, this camera can under and over crank between 4 and 60 frames. The PDW-F800 is able to stream at various frame and bit rates, allowing the user to choose between run time and quality. It is also equipped with three 2/3" HD CCDS, giving you the ability to record a 1080p stream video. This camera truly has everything it takes to produce high-quality images.

Canon 5D Mark II

The Canon 5D Mark II is an update to the popular EOS 5D with the capabilities of recording full HD video while in live view mode. It is the first digital EOS camera that is able to shoot full 1080 resolution clips at almost half an hour in length and can film broadcast quality content just by changing the camera's settings.

The 5D Mark II has way more advantages that just being able to shoot on your SLR. It also has numerous high-speed lenses and accessories to make your EOS photography so incredible that is can be used for video production filming. While the Mark II has many features to offer, it also has a rugged build to give you a durable camera that you can rely on.

Canon 7D

The Canon EOS 7D is a whole new class of camera. It has numerous brand new features that were designed for serious photographers as well as video production professionals. This high-performance digital SLR camera features an all-new 18.0 megapixel sensor with dual DIGIC 4 image processors. It will enable you to capture 8 frames per second of high-definition imaging with low noise and sensitivity levels.

The incredible EOS 7D can also capture images using true HD 1080p video at an impressive 30 frames per second. Your videos can be 4GB in size, or roughly twelve minutes long, and you also have the ability to use the full-range of Canon EF and EF-S mount lenses to give you endless possibilities. This camera also has a dual dust-reduction system that will ensure you get crisp, clean images.


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