On Hold Messages


Retain Clients, Promote Your Business

Have you ever called a business only to get put on hold and stuck listening to some horrible music or worse, nothing? Don’t let that be YOUR company! Moffett productions can create a positive on-hold experience for your customers so you can retain callers and reduce hang-ups. The on-hold messages should create a positive experience; reinforce advertising and promotions, and keep customers informed.

On Hold Voice Talent @ Moffett


Its How and What You Say

Moffett Productions can produce high-quality on-hold messages through a variety of extremely talented voice over professionals, ensuring your message on hold will provide the ultimate solution that suits your needs. With our messages, you can sell your business without ever saying a word!

  • Over 80% of callers prefer listening to a sales message than other hold options
  • About 60% of callers will hang up if there is no music or message
  • Informational on-hold messages will increase your caller retention by 40%

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